Take a look at our inspirations for upcoming Fall/Winter season - GAIA

Variety of flowers, tattoo like embroideries and timeless laces, all that kept in soft colors, with stronger accents of green, blue and bronze now and then.Those are latest trends. Gaias collection which is currently hitting store shelves is inspired by desires and needs. We all have certain needs, need of comfort, convenience, nature, love… need of being a woman that is desired.

This Fall is full of soft beiges combined with black, so you may say boring classic but it’s in new form this time. You will find gold & black set which was inspired by rich decorations of british palaces, and model which will suit woman in every age made of mixture of graphite and powder rouge. And there is green one too - maybe not best color for lingerie, but toned down… answers deep craving for summer and nature. Every woman can take liberty to have colorful lingerie.

In its underwear Gaia has used subtle embroideries, delicate laces and high tech materials which despite their delicacy, have forming and shaping capabilities. They are stretchy yet can support and lift breasts. Woman wearing this lingerie will fill comfortable and sensual at the same time. In our collection we have bra with lace application on the neckline, we can wear it with t-shirt or just snap it of.

In Gaia-Unterwäsche verwendeten wir subtile Stickereien und zarte Spitze und moderne Materialien, die trotz ihrer Zartheit Kompressions eigenschaften haben. Sie geben Form und Form. Sie sind gleichzeitig elastisch und dehnen sich nicht. Es sammeln gut, heben die Büste, bieten Komfort. Und das erreichen wir nur mit einer Materialschicht. Eine Frau in Dessous fühlt sich wohl und sinnlich zugleich. In der Kollektion haben wir auch BHs mit Spitze applikationen am Dekolette , die wir unter das T-Shirt legen oder die Applikation abhängen können.

You can say that variety of breast shapes is as big as fingerprint catalogue. Every woman has her own unique breasts, that is why we have so many constructions. Variety of constructions combined with big size chart gives us confidence that our every customer will find something for herself, to make desire of comfort fulfilled.

See for yourselves. Catalog Fall/Winter 2018
Passages of text come from article written by Aleksandra Pucułek, published in “Wysokie obcasy ekstra” magazine No 6(73) June 2018.