The best ideas for summer underwear - GAIA

Lingerie bestrewn with petite flowers, lacy and colourful. Sometimes it takes a flirty glance from underneath your clothes or becomes the main idea behind a style. The boudoir trend is coming out on the streets, and together with the unfading flower boom and a cocktail of colours creates an explosion of summer trends.


Embroidered, lace or printed – flower patterns have come to stay in Gaia collection. You can find them on various types of bras: semi-soft, soft or with fully padded cups.
BS0571-ECR-E90_0_12Rachel Semi-Soft SS10
BS0568-ECR-C75_0_5Jordana Semi-Soft SS2
Sometimes they are vivacious like in the Jordana model, sometimes soft-hued and in harmony with matching lace lining like in Rachel. Subtle flower prints can also be seen on the padded Judie bra and on the semi-soft Marion model. They look fresh and girlish, adding lightness to your style.
BS0583-ECR-K65_0_5Marion Semi-Soft SS2
They will dazzle you in the collection for breastfeeding mums and seduce you in the collection for fuller busts, like in the soft Karima bra (sizes up do L cup). Flower prints look particularly sensual when soothed by beige or ecru fabric, and boost creativity in navy blue.
BS0584-ECR-10Model Mama 584


Flowers also look great embroidered on tulle or chiffon, blossoming in all their beauty. For feminine clothing that emphasises waist or for V-neck tops that show more cleavage, a soft balconette bra will be the perfect choice.
This cut is also known as half-cup due to its lower cups exposing the top of breasts, giving them round apple shape and pushing firmly upwards. In Gaia collection, flowery half-cup bras are featured in Dakota and Liza models. Both models are available in sizes: 65 D-J, 70 C-I, 75 B-H, 80 B-G, 85B-F, 90 B-E, 95 B-D.
BS0579-GRE-I65_0_5Dakota Soft SB6
BS0575-ECR-K65_0_3Liza Semi-Soft SS4


The two-tone black-and-beige lace pattern is presented against a monochrome background of the soft Chantal models for medium-sized and full bust in classic and maxi size lines. The flower motif with see-through details appears as a decorative element also on the plain cup of Cassandra push-up bra. 
BS0534-CZB-H65_0_3Chantal Soft S7
BSM534-CZB-K90_0_5Chantal Maxi Soft SMX1
BS0535-CZB-F65_0_4Cassandra M2
Floral motifs and prints are mixed together to create new patterns for the summer season. All of that allows you to find your own unique style..